Dauntless Presentation on Washington State CCRS Changes

CCRS (Cannabis Central Reporting System)

It’s crucial to note that nothing comes out of CCRS

The portal requires licenses to submit weekly compliance reports in the form of .csv files as well as registering transfers when they occur.

Within the first week of go live clients will need to submit an initial upload of current state of their operation, including areas or locations, strains, and products or packages that are in stock. Then submit weekly reports to highlight changes to their last reported states. Reporting requirements will vary based on type of license you hold. But in general, new strains, new products, incoming transfers, inventory adjustments, and sales. Lab results will be exclusive to lab facilities.
•Labs need to report lab results within 24 hours to CCRS

Manifests are registered through a CCRS web portal licensees submit basic details for each stock, through a web form. Not mandatory to print the CCRS web form but it’s suggested to write the manifest # given onto whatever manifest form you print. When licensees submit data to CCRS to the portal manually it will capture and pass it to the LCB, but this data is not retrievable. Which means once a processor sends a transfer to a retailer the retailer has no way of automatically receiving the product data.
CCRS (Cannabis Central Reporting System)

Prio to 12/6 contact Jon to activate your portal.  Jon@Dauntlessinc.com

12/06/2021 CCRS Go-Live Date
Leaf Data will still be available for a brief period, but licensees must start submitting compliance reports to CCRS portal.

12/18/2021 Leaf Data Sunset
Licensees will no longer be able to access Leaf Data.