We Are Dauntless Because You Are

Fearless. Intrepid. Bold.

These are the hallmarks and definition of the cannabis and hemp industries

Since 2013, Dauntless has provided best-in-class, innovative, enterprise-quality services for the undaunted which has resulted in exceptional value for our clients and the industry as a whole

Together we are Dauntless and as a result of our partnerships we are:

  • Intuitive, scalable, innovative, and global
  • Connected, collaborative, proactive, and predictive
  • Automated, compliant, traceable, and transparent

Companies that are Dauntless:

We are Dauntless by:

  • Providing software solutions for cannabis retailers, growers, processors, labs, and distribution services with our TraceWeed and Korona product lines

  • Developing agile, enterprise-quality software for the cannabis industry’s unique needs

  • Building expansive cannabis business relationships with licensees, technology providers (integrators) through the GIANT platform

  • Providing solutions for state compliance traceability and retail operations from single facility to multi-location businesses

GIANT Integrated Partners:


Dauntless Cannabis Industry Infrastructure, Traceability, and Retail Services

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