Converting a return stock receipt


The CCRS webform at can be used to generate manifests. Most of the information asked is licensee info that you can fill in. The challenging element is converting the info on a stock receipt into the Items Shipped

Formatting into Items Shipped CCRS Webform Data

Please open the Blank CCRS worksheet and export the return Stock Receipt you build from Korona into either a PDF or Excel. This will allow you to copy and paste some of the data into the blank worksheet.


Within the blank CCRS worksheet you will either copy and paste or fill in information for each line item for 9 categories.

Sub-CategoryThe state classifications are:Usable Marijuana (Flower + Pre-Rolls)Concentrate For Inhalation (concentrates)Liquid EdibleSolid EdibleTopical OintmentMarijuana Mix Infused (infused pre-rolls)Marijuana Mix PackagedTinctureCapsuleSample Jar (sniff jar)SuppositoryHere you will mark what type of product this item is
Unique IDEnter the lot ID for the applicable product.Displays the lot ID printed on the product
QuantityEnter the # of items.Displays the number of items that are being returned
Medical=(YES/NO)Select applicable option.Unless it is specifically packaged Medical Marijuana, always enter NO
Unit of MeasureEnter the applicable unit of measure for the product.Displays unit of measure the product is classified with.Ex: g, oz, ea
Inventory NameEnter applicable product name.Displays the Korona Product name. The product number can be left alone or removed.
StrainEnter strain name (if applicable) or Mixed (when unknown)Displays the strain name for the product, if it is unknown, enter mixed.
Weight Per Unit, Servings per Unit, or Serving SizeEnter the weight of applicable product.Displays the weight of the product.Ex: 3.5g, 2.67oz, 1g, etc.
Inventory DescriptionEnter applicable product name.An additional display field for the Korona Product name.

Once all items are filled in, you will want to copy the cells that contain data.


You will then paste this info into the Items Shipped section of the CCRS manifest. The example data looks like this:

Sub-category     /              Unique ID           /              Quantity             /              Medical = (YES/NO)       /              Unit of Measure              /              Inventory Name              /              Strain   /              Weight Per Unit, Servings per Unit or Serving Size        /              Inventory DescriptionUsable Marijuana             /              WAJDAUNT6.IN97KH     /              5              /              NO         /              g              /                Dauntless – Demo Kush 1g            /              Demo Kush         /              1g           /              Dauntless – Demo Kush 1gConcentrate for Inhalation           /              WAJDAUNT6.INNYRE     /              2              /              NO         /              g              /                Dauntless – High Stakes Cartridge 1g        /              Mixed   /              1g           /              Dauntless – High Stakes Cartridge 1gSolid Edible         /              WAJDAUNT6.INVX45      /              3              /              NO         /              oz           /              Dauntless – Great Auntie Beth’s Brownie Bites 100mg (2.5oz)              /              Mixed   /              2.5oz     /              Dauntless – Great Auntie Beth’s Brownie Bites 100mg (2.5oz)

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our Client Engagement team directly via email at or call 206-494-3338 ext. 1 for further assistance.