CCRS – Transitions & Business Service Portal – Inventory Walkthrough Invite

Today (Monday, December 6th) we begin the process of transitioning to the new CCRS portal. Dauntless is there to help you every step of the way with this transition. We’ve automated the CCRS reporting for you, so you don’t have to worry. And we’ve created a FREE Business Portal for every client that allows you to manage your cannabis business more easily and efficiently.  Make sure today you do the following: Login to Secure Access Washington (SAW) to get CCRS portal access​:○ CCRS SAW User Guide ​

For a refresher on how to prepare click here:○ How to Prepare for CCRS​Once the CCRS portal is live (December 6th at 10 am), add Dauntless as an integrator to each license you have an active Dauntless account with to perform automatic reporting on clients’ behalf

Any Existing Leaf Manifest can be brought in through your new Business Service Portal. 

If you receive a new CCRS manifest sent via, you will need to forward that email to <yoursubdomain> 

To find <yoursubdomain> look at the URL for your business service portal. For example Retailer Electric Purple with the URL – – forward your manifest to If you have not been introduced to the new Dauntless Business Service portal please register for one of the two Webinars this morning, or watch the recording of it here.

You can still register to view a recorded webinar with a live Q&A here:

CCRS December 6th, 11 am 
CCRS December 6th, 1 pm

Later this week we’ll be introducing the inventory portion of your new business service portal. To see that walkthrough please register here: 

Inventory Walkthrough December 8th, 11 am
Inventory Walkthrough December 8th, 1 pm
Inventory Walkthrough December 9th, 11 am 
Inventory Walkthrough December 9th, 1 pm