The 2 minute overview of Dauntless

The mission here at Dauntless, Inc. is to enable one-connection technologies in the cannabis industry. Dauntless provides innovative end-to-end solutions for all businesses within the cannabis industry: Growers, Manufacturers, Laboratories, Distributors, and Retail.

HQ Magazine, publishers of Canna Dispensary Supply, caught up with us at a recent trade show to learn how Dauntless is connecting the cannabis industry. Watch our Chief Product Officer, Jerry Tindall, give a quick overview of the services we provide and how Dauntless is the one connection for everything cannabis. 

If you are interested in having Canna Dispensary Supply in your Retail store or Dispensary (totally free of charge), please message them on Facebook and they will add you to their distribution.

We are bold. We are fearless. We are Dauntless.

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Dauntless Cannabis Industry Infrastructure, Traceability, and Retail Services

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