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We understand the challenges faced by cannabis growers and manufacturers, and that’s why we custom built our traceability CRM software to serve the specific needs of cannabis professionals. Our laser focus on solving problems in a natural and easy way allows you to spend less time using confusing software, and more time getting valuable work done.

Dauntless does the following (and more)


Dauntless makes your sales process quick and easy. It’s time to get rid of those clunky spreadsheets!

  • Salesperson specific dashboards, to-do lists, and reporting
  • Understand sales trends to maximize selling opportunities
  • Track prospects and customers follow-ups to ensure your sales team is maximizing it’s opportunities
CRM Dashboard

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The relationship between buyer and seller is paramount in any successful business. Dauntless helps build and maintain these relationships.

CRM - Customer Details
  • Build stronger relationships by understanding your customers better
  • Get a complete historical record of every product ever bought by your customers
  • Centralize all customer information. No more “who should I talk to?” questions from new employees.
  • Get detailed customer-specific reporting and analytics

Inventory Management

We know how painful getting inventory from the state compliance systems can be. Dauntless is here to help!

  • View real-time inventory levels directly from your state traceability system
  • Tag products with descriptions, genetics, and pricing information for information continuity
  • Set-aside inventory for Orders and product creation to make sure you always have enough inventory on-hand
  • Create different ‘grades’ of products (i.e. grade A & B flower) as different items to be sold easily

Reporting and Analytics

Good data is key to good decision making. Dauntless provides you with the data you need, when you need it.

  • Granular reporting about your sales, products, customers, and employees
  • Trending information to assist with future planning and product roadmaps
  • Quick-Tips let you know when events you care about happen or circumstances change
  • Integration with Quickbooks and other financial tools makes running your business simple

Ready to see how Dauntless can allow you to track, manage, and sell your cannabis products? 

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