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Ad Network

The Dauntless Ad Network: Engage every customer, every time.

The Dauntless Ad Network is providing cannabis growers and manufacturers the opportunity to upsell their products in retail shops and dispensaries at the Point-of-Sale (POS) by displaying custom ads on the customer-facing screen of each terminal. You can touch EVERY CUSTOMER, EVERY TIME. Branded ads, animated GIFs, and QR codes are all supported within the Ad Network. 

The Dauntless Ad Network is on all Dauntless Korona Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals in cannabis retail shops across Washington–over 300 screens! The Ad Network gives you the ability to promote your brands and products the way you want. You can touch EVERY CUSTOMER, EVERY TIME. Budtenders can up-sell your products at the time of check-out.

Ad Network for Growers & Processors

Dauntless TraceWeed customers can have 25% of their investment in the Ad Network credited towards TraceWeed service fees. Discounts are also available for 3- & 6-month commitments.

Ad Network for Retailers & Dispensaries

Dauntless Korona customers receive 4 Store Special ads with their retail/POS services. Promote upcoming events, special sales, online pre-orders, and loyalty programs.

Dose Oil
Customer Facing Screen with the Dauntless Ad Network

Vendor days are expensive, difficult to manage, and only engages customers a few hours at a time. With the Ad Network, your ad will be seen by every customer that enters the store, no matter the day or time.


Campaign pricing depends on the stores and number of lanes you choose. The average in Washington retail store has 4 lanes. The Ad Network for a store this size is $600/month. Discounts are available for 3- & 6-month commitments.

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