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Working With Manifests in Dauntless

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A manifest is required by the state to ship or receive product. With Dauntless (TraceWeed) you can create, edit, and submit your manifests to the state.  It is necessary to pre-populate your vendors and delivery vehicles before creating a manifest.

Create a new vendor and add a delivery vehicle

Before you create a manifest, there are two main preparatory steps. You need to:

  1. Ensure that you add the intended recipient to your preferred vendor list. The preferred vendor list allows you to control the lists of vendors from which you select for manifests and samples.
  2. Enter and save delivery vehicle information for the vehicle(s) making your deliveries.

Add a vendor

Dauntless Vendor Management interface
  1. On the Shipping and Receiving tab, click Vendors to see your preferred vendors.
  2. If your vendor is not on the list, click Add New Preferred Vendor, then select and enter the vendor information. 
  3. View the list to confirm the new vendor is included. If you don’t see the vendor you need, contact Dauntless to trigger a vendor update.

Add a delivery vehicle

To add a new vehicle, complete all required fields in the Vehicle Management > Add New Vehicle window.

Dauntless Vehicle Management interface
  1. On the Shipping and Receiving tab, click Vehicles to open the Vehicle Management screen. 
  2. Click Add New Vehicle to add a vehicle.
  3. Enter and save all requested vehicle information.
  4. The new vehicle should now appear on the Vehicle Management list.

Add a vendor pick up vehicle

Manifests being picked up by the recipient (rather than delivered by the sender or a courier) still require vehicle and driver information. You can enter these either on the Vehicles page or on the create/edit manifest page. The recipient of the manifest should provide their driver and vehicle information. Dauntless stores this information for your future use.

  1. On the Shipping and Receiving tab, click Vehicles to open the Vehicle Management screen.
  2. Click Vendor Pickup to switch to the vendor vehicle list.
  3. Click Add New Vehicle.
  4. Enter the vendor-vehicle information and click Save.
  5. . The vehicle now appears on the vendor Vehicle list
  6. Click Save Changes.

Create a manifest

Each shipment requires a manifest with a StateID to be compliant with State regulations. Follow these steps to create a manifest.

Create a new manifest
  1. On the Shipping and Receiving tab, click Shipping.
  2. On the pop-up window, choose a Shipping Action and click Create Manifest.
  3. On the Create a new manifest page, enter or select the following:
    1. Select a Vendor Name from the list. Ensure you have the correct vendor by verifying their license number. Note: Validate carefully, some vendors have multiple locations under the same name.
    2. Enter a unique manifest name. This is a Dauntless-only name and helps you find the specific manifest later. Many people use the recipient name and ship date. 
    3. Select a delivery Method option:
      1. Deliver – Select the previously entered vehicle and driver information. The driver must be entered in Dauntless as an employee and their name and birth date should match their driver’s license.
      2. Pickup – Enter the Vehicle and Driver information. This information is provided by the manifest recipient. Previously entered information will appear on the list. Click the related buttons add the information as needed. 
      3. Third Party – Select your third-party transport. Transporters have their driver and vehicle information on file with the state.
  4. Click Create Manifest to open a new, empty manifest. Note: Manifests are not uploaded until submitted to the state.

Add items to a manifest

Add inventory to a manifest interface
  1. Open a new or existing manifest to add inventory items.
  2. Click Add Inventory in the upper-right corner. 
  3. On the Add Inventory to the Manifest page, select a Product Type from the list and click Search For to see a list of products of that type.
  4. For each line item you add to the manifest, enter the Amount and the Price and then click Add. Repeat until you have added each item of that type. Note:
    • Price is required for every item except samples before you can submit the manifest. 
    • If you add less than the full inventory amount, Dauntless automatically splits the amount you are adding into a sublot, which gets a new State ID. If there is a new State ID, the Print New Label if State ID changes checkbox will open a Print Label page to create a new label.
  5. To add other Product Types, repeat steps 3 and 4.
  6. Click Done.

You can continue to add items until you submit a manifest. 

Re-open an existing manifest

You can reopen and modify a pending manifest. Once you complete your edits, see the “Submit a manifest” section below.

Open an existing manifest
  1. On the Please choose one of the following Shipping Actions popup, click Edit Manifests.
  2. From the manifest list, select the manifest you’d like to edit. Note: You can change anything on this page (Vendor, Method, Driver, or Vehicle), however you must click Save Changes before you can open the manifest.
  3. Click View/Edit Contents.

Submit a manifest

When you submit a manifest, it is transmitted to State traceability system.

Submit a manifest
  1. Verify all needed items are on the manifest, the counts are correct, and there is a total for each line. Note: The price shown on a manifest is the total for all items on that line. It is not a per unit price.
  2. Click Submit Manifest. This will open a popup.
    1. Enter your best estimate for delivery departure and arrival times (see above).
    2. Confirm the total price is the expected price matches the manifest total.
    3. Check the All Items have passes QA, where required box
  3. Click Submit to State.

More information

Dauntless automatically generates a manifest and opens it in your default PDF viewer once the manifest successfully submits. The manifest is added to the Waiting To Ship or Shipped but not yet Accepted page. Generated manifests are stored on the computer on which they were created in the Documents\TW Manifest folder.

Shipping notification

When the shipment is ready to leave your premises, you must click Ship It on the Waiting To Ship or Shipped but not yet Accepted page to notify the state that it is in transit. This also allows the recipient to accept the manifest.

Manifest list on the Waiting to Ship page
  1. Go to the Shipping and Receiving tab > Waiting To Ship or Shipped but not yet Accepted.
  2. Select the manifest and click Print Manifest. Print at least 2 copies of the submitted manifest: one goes with the shipment and the other is for your records.
  3. To print labels, select the manifest and click View/Edit/Print Labels to open the manifest. Click Print Label to print labels for the row. You can also remove items from the manifest without re-submitting by clicking Remove.
  4. Click Ship it. This notifies the state the order is in transit and allows your customer to receive it. The manifest will remain on the Waiting To Ship or Shipped but not yet Accepted page until the manifest shows in the State traceability system as accepted. Note: There are rare cases where, because of an error in the State traceability system or other third party systems, manifests are never marked ‘received’ in the State traceability system and will remain on this page. To hide these manifests, click the Unaccepted (Hide) To view hidden lines, click the Show Hidden Manifests checkbox above.

Manifest Management/Waiting to Ship pages features and functionality

At the bottom of the Manifest Management and Waiting To Ship or Shipped but not yet Accepted pages, you have access to several buttons to enhance your efficiency.

Manifest management screen
  • Print label – Prints a label for the specific line item.

  • Print Manifest – Generates and displays a manifest in PDF format. A Manifest ID is present if the manifest was submitted to the state. If the manifest hasn’t been submitted, “Pending Submission” appears in this space. A Pending Submission manifest is not valid for transport, and product cannot be received. You should only print manifests from the Waiting To Ship page.

  • Print Pick List – Generates a pick-list PDF listing the items on the manifest and opens in your PDF reader. The pick list helps you easily gather manifest items.

  • Void Manifest – Cancels the submitted manifest and returns material to inventory. Note: This action does not undo sub-lotting.

  • Rollback Manifest – Cancels the current manifest, voids it with the state, and re-creates it as an un-submitted manifest. This button is only available for manifests submitted to the state that have not been accepted.

  • Submit Manifest – Submits manifest to the State traceability system and opens a confirmation page requesting estimated departure and arrival times.

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