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Create a Stock Adjustment in Dauntless Retail

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Stock adjustment for paraphernalia or accessories only

In the event an inventory breaks, there is a miscount, missing, or broken items, you need to make a stock adjustment. This process is available to cloud users based on permission levels. In the cannabis industry, this is only allowed for paraphernalia or accessories without lot code control.

Best practice: You can create stock adjustments for cannabis products using a negative or positive stock receipt with lot code control.

Note: If the Stock Adjustment menu option is not immediately accessible, edit the options before creating a stock adjustment with the steps below.

Customize the menu options

Add the Stock Adjustment option to your Inventory quick links.

  1. Log in to your cloud account as usual.
  2. Click Menu Entries, and then select Stock Adjustments.
  3. Select the right-pointing arrow (>) between the two panes and then close the window. Stock Adjustments should now be visible in the left-hand menu options under Inventory.
  4. In the Stock Adjustments window, view all previous adjustments made.

Create a new stock adjustment

You can create a stock adjustment to reconcile for missing, miscounted, or damaged merchandise.

Dauntless Retail Stock Adjustments list
Create a Stock Adjustment
Edit a Stock Adjustment
  1. Click Inventory, Stock Adjustments, and then click New. (Not shown.)
  2. The Create Adjustment window opens. Select the warehouse name for which you want to make an adjustment in the popup, and then click Create. The Edit Stock Adjustments Screen will open. On this screen you’ll see the adjustment Number, Receipt Number, Warehouse, Reason, Items, and Booked On column headings.
  1. Complete the Reason
  2. Under More, click Add Product. A popup opens, select the Source from the list options.
  3. Click Add. In the Received Goods field, enter the product quantity you wish to add or subtract from inventory. Enter a negative number to reduce inventory. Add as many items as needed by repeating steps 3 and 4 for each product.
  1. Click Save to save the list for more edits or click Book to finalize your stock adjustment.

Export a stock adjustment

Export your stock adjustment in a few clicks.

  1. On the Edit Stock Adjustment page, click …More.
  2. Click your Export method, either PDF or Excel spreadsheet.
  3. These applications must be available on your computer to complete the export.

View a current or past stock adjustment

View previously created stock adjustments quickly.

  1. Click Inventory and then Stock Adjustments.
  2. Double click to select and view one of the stock adjustments.
  3. If a stock adjustment has not been booked, you may edit it.
  4. Double click to view any Stock Adjustment, booked or not booked.
  5. Click the Filter icon and other available filters to quickly narrow your search for a stock adjustment,
     if needed.

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