Receiving Rejected Manifests with Dauntless Grow

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Handle a rejected or partially rejected manifest like incoming manifests. The exception is the manifests are not shown by default.

  1. On the Shipping tab select Receiving.
  2. In the Receiving Management window, click Show Returned Manifests From State.
  3. This may take several minutes or longer. To determine if something was rejected, each line item of each manifest is scanned to see if the amount accepted is less than the amount shipped. Leaf has and has had issues with false positives showing the incorrect count of accepted items. This leads to negative-count accepted numbers.
  4. Select the manifest to receive from the menu and click View Details.
  5. Review and accept the returned items. (Items with a negative value are ignored).
  6. On the Receiving page, go to Tag and Place Received Items. Select the items you just accepted and either click Tag and Place Selected Items or Virtual Tag and place Selected Items. If you want to use physical tags scan tags to assign to the received items, though virtual tags are recommended for most things other than plants.
  7. Select a Location from the menu to place the received items.
  8. Verify items are in your inventory after they have been tagged and placed.
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