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Opening the POS for Cashier Shift Changes with Dauntless Retail

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Cashier Shift Balancing

POS Cashier Shift Change - Manager's Screen
  1. At the beginning of each shift, enter the $ amount starting cash by:
    1. Menu 3, enter starting cash deposit button(opening drawer amount)
    2. Then enter amount on keypad and press the enter key
    3. Select the total button and press cash to tender out the receipt.
    4. This will create an active receipt window with a line item cash deposit and the amount
    5. Have cashier assigned to POS verify starting cash and sign the cash deposit receipt and keep in POS drawer.
  2. During shift any cash pulls, paid outs should be logged using the Cash Drop or Paid Out Button.
  3. At end of Shift, the cashier should pull out all money, credit card slips etc.
  4. Have Cashier or Manager count the cash being pulled from drawer
    1. Go to Menu 3, press cashier Shift Close with the cashier logged in. Enter amount cashier is pulling out
    2. Hit total and cash, a tendered receipt will print, have cashier and manager sign verifying money put in till deposit bag. (Drop in Safe)
    3. If not in balance, you will have the option to recount cash based on number of attempts chosen by owner. After all attempts have been used, if you are not in balance, will balance short or over for the shift
  5. New cashier verifies, starting cash and signs cash deposit receipt to verify starting cash correct.

Closing Procedures

  1. At close, cashier counts entire drawer including the starting cash and completes Step 4 for closing cashier
  2. You may run as many cashiers shifts as
  3. Once all cashier shifts have been closed out and to close the POS for this night. Go to Menu 3, press button for Finish Day. This will complete the End of Day and print the Report for the

Note for Accounting:  Cash from all drop bags should balance to end of day report.

Visit https://manual.koronapos.com/balance-cashier/ for more information.

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