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Generate and View Reports in Dauntless Retail

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You can quickly generate and view reports to keep your business and profitability on target. In the cloud POS under Evaluations, you have access to more than 83 different report types. Visit manual.koronapos.com/reports-and-statistics/ for more information.

Dauntless Retail Commodity Group Report
  1. On the left navigation, click Evaluations.
  2. Click the report type of interest from the list.
  3. Select a report filter option (not required):
    1. Click Filter to filter reports.
    2. Under Org Unit, select a store option.
    3. Under Date, select a date range.
  4. Click Update to bring your selections into view.
  5. Export a report: click either PDF or Excel.

The most frequently generated report types and summary descriptions appear in the table below.

Cashier Revenue • Shows the accumulation of income made by cashier in a given time
• Filters by Organization unit, Product, Date/time, Cashier & more
Tax report• Shows the generated state and local sales tax for products sold
• Shows gross and net revenue
Supplier Sales• Gives you an overview of your sales, costs and next yield sorted by individual suppliers
• Profit margin appears as a percentage value
Tag• Shows you an overview of your tags and their associated sales data for a specified time period
• Filters by organization or product group.
Organization• Shows detailed-per-store reports based on selection for organizations with multiple locations
• Provides a summary gross and net revenue, tax, discounts, min-max receipt amounts and more
Product• Shows sales data for a product including products sold in combination and cashiers selling it
Top seller• Provides detailed insights on which products have the most impact on your revenue and gross profit
• Allows you to filter and sort results by column heading

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