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Dauntless Retail Cashier Quick Start Guide

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Point-of-sale for cashiers

This quick start guide provides you with the most frequently used point-of-sale (POS) processes for cashiers. You can keep this guide handy until you’re a confident user or for training new employees.

Disclaimer: This guide provides processes based on the default Retail setup. This system is highly customizable, and buttons or features may have been changed by your retail management. Your management can request a Word version of this document and update it to align with your organization’s customizations.

Permission levels | Cannabis purchase limits | Age verification | Request manager help | POS tour | Clock in, Clock out | POS actions | Make a sale | Remove an item | Park a receipt | Void a sale | Add a customer loyalty member | Promotions and discounts | Apply promotion | Guest promotion | Loyalty and custom group promotionsCash control – cash drops

Best practices

The following are best practices in the cannabis industry:

  • Every customer must be validated for age and their purchase confirmed for weight maximum verification.
  • Cashiers are authorized to issue discounts only for which there are management has preset discounts.
  • Price changes, returns and transaction voids require management approval to process unless management grants prior system permissions.
  • Cash drops should receive immediate attention and be processed as securely as possible.

Permission levels

Permission levels are set by your management. In general, permission levels are set based on “front-of-house” or cloud/backend access. Front-of-house access by role:

  • Cashiers – allows point-of-sale access only to users with titles such as cashier, budtender, or a custom-created role. These employees can generally sell, apply pre-approved discounts or promotions, add or edit loyalty members. There may be several levels within this designation based on cloud-user permissions assigned.
  • Manager and custom-created roles – can have more functionality such as returns approval, price overrides, and other retail decision-based items; cloud-access users can grant or deny feature or functionality access.

Cannabis purchase limits

Cannabis sales are governmentally limited by weight. The purchase weight can’t exceed the state-approved limit. Weights listed below are based on current weights for Washington State. Your state limits may be different. The correct weights are preset in your system.

28 g. Flower3 oz. (84 g.) Flower
16 oz. Solid Edibles48 oz. Solid Edibles
7 g. Concentrates for Inhalation21 g. Concentrates for Inhalation
72 oz. Liquid Edibles216 oz. Liquid Edibles

Required customer age verification

Age verification is mandatory in the cannabis industry to complete a sale. The customer must be at least 21 years old. The preferred identification (ID) is the state driver’s license with photo and signature. For each transaction you enter the customer’s birthdate in the required verification window.


Valid forms of identification include:

  • Current state photo ID with both the birthdate and customer’s signature. The photo must match the customer presenting the ID.
  • Military ID.
  • USA passport.
  • Other options that require manager approval are: out-of-state ID and passports from other countries.

In most states a:

  • Horizontal driver’s license indicates the customer is over 21 years old.
  • Vertical driver’s license indicates the customer is under 21 years old.

Important: It is a personal felony to allow access to or sell to anyone under 21 years old.

Reasons to request a manager’s help

In any of the following situations, request a manager’s help:

  • Unable to verify a customer’s age
  • Purchase-limit questions
  • An item won’t scan
  • Item return or void sales
  • Customer service issue
  • Product price or packaging question
  • Double or stacked discount or promotion
  • Receipt won’t print
  • Point-of-sale (POS) system issue

Retail point-of-sale tour

Below is the default button layout and naming. Your company can customize button locations
and names.

Dauntless Retail POS main screen
Update (in navigation by date)Make point-of-sale update
MessagesView or close management messages and alerts
Remove ItemSelect an item and then tap to remove
Select allTo remove all items from the sale in process
DeselectRemove highlighting
Park ReceiptTemporarily put an order on hold and start a new sale
Customer Lookup/CreateEither lookup or add a loyal customer; management can use for promotions or sales
Show Receipt CustomerA popup window appears with the customer’s information for review
Cashier LogoutLog out the current cashier
TotalTotal sale including relevant taxes
AccessoriesCustomized by management; non-cannabis products may or may not be listed under this button
Find Loyal CustomerSearch for customer and attach to current transaction allowing loyalty program to calculate benefits authorized for the customer.
Discounts and PromosView and apply available discounts or promotions to the sale
LoyaltyA possible loyalty program option
Patient Check InDispensaries only – check in a patient
Recall Patient OrderView the patient’s order prior to completing the sale
Set Customer NumberGive the customer a loyalty number
Manager ScreenUsed for cost overrides, return verifications and other functions
Optional product buttonsUse optional buttons for frequently purchased items

Clock In, clock out

Clock in or out at the beginning and end of your day plus any breaks, including lunch. Failure to track your time accurately can negatively impact your pay check.

Dauntless Retail POS time clock
  1. Tap Clock In or Clock Out.
  2. Enter your employee number on the number pad or optionally scan your ID badge, if provided.

Note: Some organizations may have a similar process for lunch out and lunch in.

Point-of-sale actions

This section covers making a sale, removing items from the purchase, discounts and promotions, and voiding sales.

Make a sale

The most commonly used sale functions are on the terminal menu 1 screen.

Dauntless Retail POS common functions

While logged into the retail sales terminal:

  1. Scan one or more items.
  2. Tap Total
  3. The age and weight verification screen appears. Verifyandenter the customer’s birthdate; confirm the product weight does not exceed the allowable purchase.
  4. If step 3 is verified, tap All items approved. If step 3 is not verified due to:
    1. Under age – tap Back to cancel the sale.  Tap Remove All Items and Reset Customer to clear the transaction. Ask them to come back when they’re age 21.
    2. Over allowable weight – let the customer know how much over the weight limit their purchase is and suggest they remove one or more items to comply. See Remove an item from the sale below.
  5. If approved, on the next screen enter the amount of cash received.
  6. Tap the icons for the currency and coins tendered, then tap Cash and place it in the cash drawer.
  7. The receipt prints automatically. Give the customer the receipt with their product(s).

Remove an item from the sale

If you have not completed the sale, you can remove an item previously scanned.

Dauntless Retail POS remove item screen
  • Remove one or more items on a receipt: highlight and tap Remove Item.
  • Remove all items on the receipt, tap Select All and then Remove Item.

Park a receipt

Put a transaction on hold, or park it so that you can help another customer. Once the new transaction completes, the parked receipt appears and opens automatically as the next sale.

Recommended: Until you are comfortable using the retails system, we recommend you cancel a sales transaction and start a fresh sales transaction when the customer returns.

  1. Tap Park Receipt.
  2. Enter and complete your next sale.
  3. The parked receipt automatically opens, continue with your sale if the customer returned. If the customer does not return, follow steps to cancel the sales transaction below.

Void a sale and receipt

This functionality requires manager approval and access to the hidden screen below. Your manager scans a badge or code that grants you, him or her void privileges.

Dauntless Retail POS void transaction screen
  1. Request manager approval for the return according to your store policy. If management approves,
    continue to step 2.
  2. Scan the customer’s receipt barcode or open a receipt from the archive by entering the receipt pad using
    the number pad.
  3. Tap Copy Receipt, and then highlight and tap Remove to remove items the customer keeps. Note: Only items being returned should appear on the receipt copy.
  4. Tap Return, typically on menu 2. The credit amount appears.
  5. If the customer wants to buy more items, scan items now and then tap Total.
  6. If there is still a credit due, tap Cash drawer and return that amount to the customer. A receipt prints automatically.
  7. Notify the inventory manager and follow your store procedure for returned products storage.

Add a customer loyalty member

Loyal customers experience benefits by joining the loyalty program. Loyalty members may experience regular merchandise discounts or be eligible for additional discounts, promotions, or special events.

This screen is customized based on the loyalty provider management selects.

Dauntless Retail POS customer loyalty screen
  1. Tap Loyalty, and then add the requested information. This typically includes first and last name, birthdate, email address, and mobile phone number. Other fields may also be requested.
  2. Ask the customer if they want to opt in to email and text message discount and promotion notifications.
  3. If yes, enter the customer’s information in the store loyalty program.
  4. Tap Save and Close.

Promotions and discounts

Apply POS promotions or discounts to a sale

If your store has an automatic Guest discount, a Loyalty discount override all other promotions. There may be multiple customized loyalty programs available, such as: frequent shopper, tribe member, veteran, military, medical customer and more.

Dauntless Retail POS promotions screen

Guest promotion

Guest promotions are programmed to occur automatically based on either guest or customer group buttons which apply the promotions automatically.

  1. Start your sale as usual by scanning and adding items, then choose the appropriate customer group button.
  2. Tap Total. The Guest discount is automatically applied.
  3. Review the receipt prior to completing the sale to avoid stacking promotions. Important: If multiple promotions appear on the receipt, contact your manager immediately.
  4. At manager direction, either complete the sale or the manager may make an adjustment.

Loyalty and custom group promotions

Loyalty and custom group promotions override all other promotions. Loyalty promotions can appear as receipt total related discounts or customer group discounts.

Important: Loyalty and promotions should only be on items, either cannabis or paraphernalia; never on the total amount.

  1. Tap Loyalty and then lookup the customer by the member ID. This attaches it to the sales receipt.
  2. Scan the items to purchase. Discounts are automatically applied to the appropriate item(s) once you tap Total.
  3. Complete the sale as usual.


  • Managers can override the promotion to remove all discounts from the sale.
  • Managers can enter a custom discount or price at their discretion. A price can never be at or below cost.

Cash control – cash drops

Only select stores allow cashiers to perform cash drops. Your management will let you know if this is part of
your responsibilities.

During the day, at the manager’s option, cash drops may be required due to the amount of cash in your drawer. An alert will appear on your POS indicating the amount to be transferred to a specified, secure location or safe drop. Your store may have more policies or protocols on this topic. Check with your manager for more
detailed instructions.

Dauntless Retail POS cash drop screen
  1. Tap Menu 3 and then tap Cash Drop.
  2. Enter the amount management requests for transfer.
  3. Tap the left pointing arrow to the right of the number pad.
  4. The Amount appears in the Receipt Window.
  5. Tap Total. If needed, tap Cancel to go back.
  6. Withdraw the required amount from your cash drawer.
  7. Tap Cash and Enter. A receipt prints automatically
  8. Put the receipt and cash in the drop bag and drop in the safe or with security, depending on your protocol.

Note: Some cash drops may require a second observer for verification if cash drops are over a certain amount. Your manager may include this information in the POS alert to perform a cash drop.

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