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Employee management in Dauntless Grow

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Employees need to be registered in Dauntless Grow (TraceWeed) if they will do one or more of the following:

  • Login to use Dauntless
  • Drive to make deliveries
  • Receive employee samples

Add an employee

Dauntless Grow employee information screen
  1. On the Operations tab, click Employees.
  2. Click Add New Employee. The Edit Employee page opens.
  3. Enter the employee name, hire date and birthdate.
    • If the employee may be driving deliveries then birth date and name should match their driver’s license.
    • The employee must be at least 21 years old.
  1. Select the type of employee to create.
    • Employee tag/employee badge – If the employee needs to log in to Dauntless, then scan a new, never-used NFC tag to create their employee badge.
    • Virtual tagID – If the employee doesn’t need to log into Dauntless, don’t scan a card and they will be assigned a virtual tagID
  1. Select the All Access checkbox and click Add.

Modify, disable or delete an employee record

You can update an employee’s record in any of the following ways for a current employee:

 From the Employee Management page, click Edit on the employee row. The Edit Employee window opens.

  • Edit or modify access – Click in a field to edit employee details. or in the Permission Level section, select or deselect checkboxes to change access levels.
  • Assign or reassign a login badge – Click Edit, then scan a new tag and click Update.
  • Disable access – In the Permission Level section, deselect all checkboxes.
  • Delete employee – In the Employee Management page, click Delete on the employee row.

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