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Creating lots with Dauntless

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Dauntless (TraceWeed) has the capability to create multiple lots at one time. Flower lots need to be of the same strain type; you cannot combine different strains. You can combine OPM/Trim of different strain types into lots.

You can combine materials from different harvests to make multiple lots. However, Dauntless cannot tell which harvest materials go into which lots, so the system assumes all lots contain material from all selected harvests.

If a recall is required, it will affect all lots made using the recalled harvest. To avoid this, we suggest you only lot one harvest at a time.

Dauntless Material Lots Creation

How to create multiple lots

Dauntless Create Flower Lot Confirmation
  1. Select the harvest(s) you want to lot, make sure Auto-create Lots is checked and click Create Lot.
  2. This screen shows the lots that will be made from the harvest material selected. If you do not want to make any of the lots shown, you can un-check the box in the Create Lot column for that line.

    Note:  for example, with a 9,000g harvest, we can create 3 full 5lbs lots (2,267.86g each) and a lot with the remainder (2,196g). You can un-check the 2,196g lot and later combine it with another harvest or (preferably) the remainder from another harvest to make a combined lot of the maximum size.

  3. Click Create Confirmed Lots and the lots checked under Create Lot column will be created. This step may take some time as we communicate with the state system for each lot created. Please wait until this step finishes before moving on.

How to create a single lot

Dauntless Single Lot creation
  1. To make a single lot, select the harvests you want to use, uncheck Auto-create Lots, and click Create Lot. This will open the single lot creation page. You should use this method, for example, to combine the remainders from previous lotted harvests to maximize your QA budget.
  2. Enter the weight from each harvest you would like to use in the new lot and click Apply.
  3. Verify the numbers and click Submit to State.

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