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Create a New Harvest with Dauntless Grow

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Creating a new harvest in Dauntless Grow (TraceWeed) can be managed on the phone or a PC.

Naming convention and basic information

Using a consistent naming convention may help you better track your harvests and is a good business practice.

Harvests are scheduled by strain, one line per strain on the Harvest Management page. The name you enter is follow by “_<strain name>_<date scheduled>”. For example, if you entered “harvest1” for Blue Dream plants, the name will be “harvest1_Blue Dream_06-20-18”.

Partial harvests (“reflower plants” on the phone), where you harvest the flowers and allow the plant to keep growing, is not currently supported by Leaf.

Create a new harvest – mobile device

Note: This is an updated process from the User Guide, page 70.

Creating a new harvest with Dauntless Grow mobile device
  1. Go to Clone, Plant, Harvest, then Schedule Harvest.
  2. Enter the new Harvest Name and click Start Harvest.
  3. Add plants to the harvest by using one of these methods:
    1. Scan plant tags to add or remove individual plants from the harvest.
    2. Scan a location tag to add all plants in that location to the harvest. Notes: The counts for strain, location and plants are incremental to show the totals for each type in the harvest.
  1. Tap Schedule Harvest, and then Confirm.

Create a new harvest – PC

Follow the steps below to create a new harvest using your PC.

Creating a new harvest using a PC
  1. Click the Operations tab, and then click Plants.
  2. Select the plants to harvest. You can select multiple plants by either CTRL- Click to toggle selection for individual plants or select a block of plants by holding the Shift key and clicking the top and bottom plants of a block you want to select.
  3. Click Harvest Plants. The Harvest Plants window opens.
  4. Enter the Harvest Name and verify the strains, plant and location counts are as expected.
  5. Click Schedule Harvest to submit.

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