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Create and Place Clones with Dauntless Grow

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You can create clones either using a mobile device or a PC.

Important: Enter the clones/seeds into the system before you harvest the mother plant.

Create clones on a Dauntless Grow (TraceWeed) mobile device

Create clones on the go in your facility with a recommended TraceWeed phone. (This content updates the User Guide, page 49.)


Screens for creating clones with the Dauntless Grow mobile device
  1. On the main TraceWeed menu tap Clone, Plant and Harvest, and then Create and Promote Clones, Seeds and Plant Tissue.
  2. Tap Create Clones, Seeds, or Tissue from Plants.
  3. Scan the plant tag from which you want to take clones or seeds. The mother plant must have a physical tag to complete this process on your TraceWeed phone.
  4. Tap the top field, which should show the selected mother strain. Select a strain from the menu if needed.
  5. If the strain you want is not on the list, tap Other and enter a new strain name.
  6. Tap Select an Inventory Type and select Clones, Seeds or Tissues.
  7. Enter the number of clones or seeds you are creating.
  8. Tap Save and Confirm Add to submit the new clone group. This returns you to the Scan mother plant page. Tap Exit to continue.

To promote more items, repeat steps 3 – 7.

Next the newly created clones/seeds need to be put in a location.

Place clones using a TraceWeed phone

Place your newly created clones or seed in a location using a TraceWeed phone.

 Create and place clones using the PC app

Place your newly created clones in a location using your PC app.

Create clones, seeds, tissue from a Mother Plant
  1. On the Operations or Reports tab, click This opens Plants Report.
  2. Select a plant to use as the mother.
  3. Click Create Clones, Seeds, Tissue.
  4. Complete the form (see image above).
    1. Enter a Group Name, optional.
    2. Select the Type: Clones, Seeds, or Tissue.
    3. Select the Strain, if different from the mother plant.
    4. Enter the number of clones or seeds to create in
    5. Select a Location to place the clones.
  5. Click Create.

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