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Create a Stock Receipt Via the Dauntless Manifest Portal

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Create a stock receipt is also known as “receive product.”  It’s important to be accurate as you receive inventory. This information is reported to the state or other reporting agency for tax and compliance purposes.


  • Be sure the lot codes match the lot code in the POS.
  • The only thing you should need to edit is the item price.
Dauntless Portal navigation
Dauntless Portal Receive Manifests screen

Dauntless Retail Stock Receipts list
  1. Log into the Dauntless Portal, Under Settings, click Sync Korona. This updates the portal with product information. Click Sync GIANT. This updates the portal with manifest information.
  2. Click Inventory and then Receive Manifest. (Not shown.)
  3. Choose Organization Unit, and then select Manifest from the list. From the list, select a manifest. The last part of the manifest ID appears in the list.
  4. Click Display Items and check box. The lot number from manifest is assigned using the list item when selecting your Product.
  5. Click Create Stock Receipt and go to Korona Cloud and Stock Receipt.
  6. Under Inventories, click Stock Receipts, locate the stock receipt for the manifest just completed in the Dauntless Portal. Note: You cannot edit a product at this point without causing errors.
  7. Click Assign at the top, choose Stock Order if you have a booked stock order or click Source, then choose Supplier (not shown).
  8. Next Verify the Quantity Received and the item cost (purchase price). The total should balance to your manifest total.
  9. Click Book it. Book it transfers and updates to your on-hand inventory. Note: You cannot edit a product at this point without causing errors.
  10. Once you have booked the stock receipt, Login into your LEAF account (or State traceability system) and accept the manifest. Note: This is crucial to maintain inventory accuracy.

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