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You can create custom buttons to enhance your retail team’s efficiency such as adding a button for high-demand items, customized loyalty groups, or give your cashier authority to provide on-the-fly promotional discounts to help build business.

Create a quick button

  1. Click Settings, Button Configurations, and then double click on the default button layout.
  2. Click on an empty button and enter a button Name.

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Create a new button on POS and add customized functionality

You can create a button with a customized look, feel, and functionality on the Button Configuration page.

Create a new POS button
  1. Click Settings and then Button Configuration.
  2. Click New and enter the Name for the new button.
  3. Select options for color and size.
  4. Double click the new button name to open the Edit Button Configuration page.
  5. Under Size, select an option from the list and then choose a color.
  6. Click Add Function and select one or more options from the list.
  7. Click Item Sequence to group similar products on the customer receipt.
  8. Drag and place the button representation onto the layout and click Save.

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