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Changing the Customer Display Settings in Dauntless Retail

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Recently we released a software update from version 1.89.4 to 1.91.10. This release contained new features to the Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals, including updates to what can be shown on the customer-facing display screens. 

After the software update to 1.91.10, some customer displays may appear black and not display anything. If this has happened to one of your POS terminals, please follow the steps below to reset the screen and restore functionality.

1. The first step to reset the customer display is to Retrieve Master Data and reboot the POS machine(s) up to 5 times. These POS functions appear on the lower right of tab 3 of the POS Manager Options screen:

2. If step 1 does not successfully fix the customer display, you may need to adjust the size of the image you are using on the display screen. This is done in the Dauntless Cloud, not on the POS terminal.

    • Determine which POS terminal needs to be adjusted and what Customer Display is being used. You can find this information in Sales > Points of Sale > *POS terminal in question*

3. Go into Settings > Customer Displays and find the Customer Display for the POS terminal. Click the display configuration once to highlight it and then select Copy to make an editable version:

    • You can right click the Images used and open them in a new tab to see the full-sized image. From that image tab, copy the image and use a tool to edit the size of the image. This can be done with MS Paint or another image editing software program.

    • Resize the image so the dimensions are smaller than 656×566 pixels.

    • Upload the new image for the three image sections and Save the new Customer Display.

    • Go back into Sales > Points of Sale and select the machine, change the Customer Display to the new one you just created and Save the Point of Sale.

    • Repeat step 1 above on the POS terminal.

If the customer screen is still black, please contact Dauntless Support at: Support@dauntlessinc.com.

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