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Add a tag to a single, current product

The most common edit to a product is to add a tag. Tags can be used to create promotions.

Dauntless Retail edit product tag screen
  1. Under Inventory, click Products, and then Edit Product.
  2. Edit one or more fields as needed by either entering text or selecting a checkbox.
  3. To add a tag, in the Tags field, begin typing to create a new tag.
  4. Click Enter and then Save.

Add a tag to current products – bulk

Save time by adding tags in bulk. You can filter and then group products to add the same tag to all the selected products at the same time.

Dauntless Retail product tag bulk edit screen
  1. Under Inventory, and then Products.
  2. On the Products screen, click Filter. Using available filters, filter to show your desired products, then click Edit Plus
  3. Enter a label name in the Tag field.
  4. Click Save to automatically create the tag on all selected products.

Remove a tag

  1. In the product, in the Tags section, click the X on a tag to remove it.
  2. Click Save.

Note: You can remove a tag in bulk by following the filter and selection steps above, and then click a tag X.

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