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Add or Edit a Product with Dauntless Retail

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Product management

Add or edit a product and manage your product details including tags to help you downstream when you generate reports or create promotions. Complete product information helps the business office make better business and marketing decisions.

Add a new product

Any time you add a new product, add a complete product description. The sample image below shows only a portion of the form. You can add as many tags as needed to create promotions.

Creating a product in Dauntless Retail Cloud
  1. Under Inventory, click Products, and then New.

2. Enter a name for your product. Establish a consistent naming convention for all products, for example, “ACC-Maui Wowie pre-roll 1g” or “MP-Punch Bar edible 1oz” or “ACC-Blue Dream 1g”
Recommended product name format: Two or three letter Supplier -Name_Product Name_Product type_ Weight in g or oz. There should be no spaces between the number and the weight.
a. The product name for all cannabis products must include the weight in grams for smokables or oils, and ounces for edibles. No period is required after the weight (g or oz).
b. This naming convention must be consistent across all products and will display on receipts exactly
as shown. The exception is for non-cannabis products.

  1. Select a Supplier from the list or add a new supplier before continuing.
  2. Enter the supplier name and order code.
    1. Enter the Supplier Name.
    2. Order code (optional)
    3. Description
    4. Container amount (either enter quantity by each or the case count depending on the supplier description) This is used for cost calculations and automatic order generation.
  3. Select a Commodity Group: Several standard groups exist.
  4. Select Assortment and then Cannabis or Non-cannabis.
  5. Select a Sector from the provided options.
    1. Sector is the primary tax applied to the product. Alternative Sector is the medical tax applied to the product.
    2. Sector holds the weight or purchase limit for the entire transaction. If a potential sale exceeds the limit, an alert appears.
    3. Use Alternative Sector for medically-endorsed retail stores. The purchase limit increases and is based on state or local government restrictions.
  6. For fulfillment room printers only: Select Production Type from the list. Contact support for more Setting requirements.
  7. Click Add New Price and select Price with Date Add or Price with Product Code Add and then define when you want the price to take effect.
  8. Click Add. Under Default, enter the price in the field, and click Save.


  • You can add a price by product code or lot number.
  • If you add a price by lot number, the newer lot will be at the default price.

Edit a Product

The product name appears on the customer’s receipt. You may want to edit a product to add a more detailed name description, add tags, set an inventory level for automatic reorder, or adjust minimum and maximum levels. The most common edit is to add one or more tags to a product.

Editing a Product in Dauntless Retail Cloud
  1. Under Inventory, click Products, and then Edit Product.
  2. Edit one or more fields as needed by either entering text or selecting a checkbox.
  3. To add a tag, in the Tags field, begin typing to create a new tag.
  4. Click Enter and then Save.

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