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Add and Manage Users in Dauntless Retail

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Add and manage users

You can add, manage, assign permissions and delete users in the Dauntless cloud. There are two basic roles, users and cashiers. You can also add custom identified users and permissions. It’s best to plan the roles and permissions before working in the cloud. Plan and streamline your roles for reusability, function, and responsibility levels.

Two basic role types

Set permissions to allow access and functionality for two employee-role types: cashiers or users.

  • Cashiers – allows point-of-sale access only to users with titles such as cashier, budtender, or a custom-created role.
  • Users – allows cloud and back-end access including more advanced permissions to users with titles such as store manager, accountant, buyer or owner.

User-role functions and permissions

User roles help you track, manage and plan users, sales and other business activities. The more complete the information you enter, the better data you receive when requesting reports and tracking other information.

  • User role – allows you to assign the same permissions to all users with the same role. If you need to selectively add or remove feature access, then create a custom role with more or fewer permissions.
  • User permissions – helps you grant or limit access to select features and functionality.
  • Organizational unit – helps you control user access for each defined unit, such as a warehouse or store location. Units help you selectively allow report access, price change permissions, or quarantine product for return.
  • Custom user – create a hybrid user role by granting selective access or permissions.

Set up user roles

Set up user roles for all potential Retail system users. The number and types of users you create depend on the size and complexity of your operation.

Possible roles are for front- and back-of-house users for a large and complex retail business may include:

Cashier (Budtender)Owner
Shift LeadAdministrator
Store ManagerBusiness Manager
Assistant ManagerAccounting
Receiving Manager/Coordinator
IT and Data Specialist
Vendor Relations

Add or manage a cashier (budtender)

Dauntless Retail create new budtender
Dauntless Retail Create Cashier
  1. In the cloud, click Employees, Cashiers, and then New.
  2. Enter a unique payroll clock number, and then complete the form:
    1. Enter the user’s First Name and Last Name or your own naming convention.
    2. Enter the Alias field contents: either the first name or avatar name you want to appear on register receipts. Choose a consistent naming convention for cashiers and store managers.
      1. No matter what format you choose, be consistent and plan for growth.
      2. Any user with register permissions needs an alias.
    3. Create the log in code for the POS. This can be the same or different than the employee number. If you use a programmed log in code, enter that number.
    4. Assign a role from the options list. (Roles are previously defined by an approved cloud user.)
  3. Choose an optional background color for the POS.
  4. Click Save.

Visit http://manual.koronapos.com/quick-start-creating-cashiers-users/ for more information.

Edit cashier permissions

While you are creating a new cashier, you can continue by granting permissions following the steps below.

If you previously created a cashier and want to edit the permissions, then go to Employees, click Cashiers, and then follow the steps below.

  1. Click Edit Cashier tab.
  2. Edit user fields as needed.
  3. Select user Permissions.
    1. To add or remove permissions:
      1. Select a permission and then click the single arrow (<) to add one permission.
      2. Select all permissions and click the double arrow (<<) to add all permissions.
      3. Select one or more permissions to remove and then click > or >>.
  4. Click Save.


  • You can create an unlimited number of cashier-defined roles. Best practice is to create the fewest number of roles that allow you to cover the permission groups you may need.
  • To preserve an employee record and deactivate terminal access, select the employee, click Lock and
    then Save.

Visit https://manual.koronapos.com/manage-cashier-roles-and-permissions/ for more information.

Add or manage a user or retail role

Users is the generic name for any role with access to the cloud. You can add a new user, grant or edit permissions, and add a new user or edit current user or custom defined role. You can also delete users as need.

While in the cloud, you can also add cashiers or create an unlimited number of custom user-defined roles.

Best practice: Create the fewest number of roles that allow you to cover the permission groups you may need.

Dauntless Retail user roles
  1. Go to Employees, then Users, and click New. You can select an existing role or add a custom role.
  2. Complete the table row:
    1. Enter a valid user email address. The user receives a system generated password.Complete the table row:
    2. Enter the users First and Last name.
    3. Enter the user’s role or roles.
  3. Under Org Units, select Store accesses by checking one or more checkboxes.
  4. Click Save. The new cloud user will receive an email with user log in credentials. This email may be in the new user’s Inbox or Spam folder.
  5. Click Edit User Role to grant or edit the user permissions for back-office users.  Select one or more unit types.
  6. With the window still open, click Permissions or follow the Edit a current user instructions below.
    1. Select one or more checkboxes to allow permissions.
    2. Clear one or more checkbox selections to remove permissions.
  7. Click Save.

Edit or lock a current user

  1. Go to Employees, then Users, double click a current user to open the Edit User window.
  2. Make edits as needed.
    1. To change permissions, see step 6 above.
    2. To lock a former employee out of the system, click Lock. This preserves the employee’s data but doesn’t allow the former employee access to the cloud account.
  3. Click Save.

Note: Do not delete an employee as it may affect reports and other data. Instead, the best practice is to simply lock the user to prevent access to the POS terminal or cloud.

Visit https://manual.koronapos.com/user-roles/ for more details.

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