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How Age Verification Can Save Your Cannabis Business

State regulatory compliance is always at the forefront of business owners and employees in markets with legal cannabis and hemp. From tracking every plant through to a sale to a consumer, The government wants to ensure that no product is diverted into or out of the black market.

Dauntless, Inc. helps growers, manufactures, and retailers follow the rules and properly report everything necessary to the state. We also help with security measures that don’t get reported to the state–ensuring every customer is over 21 years of age. 

Just like stores and restaurants that sell alcohol, law enforcement periodically conducts inspections and undercover work to determine if a pot shop is selling to underage customers. Budtenders and businesses can receive big fines and felony charges if they are caught selling to people under 21. Washington State is currently in the process of changing the rules to make selling to a minor a misdemeanor instead of a felony–more inline with alcohol guidelines.

Jesse Huminski, store manager at Uncle Ike’s

In a recent news story on the proposed changes, Seattle’s KIRO 7 news interviewed the owner and store manager at Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop. Uncle Ike’s recently implemented Dauntless Retail at all their store locations. One of the reasons they chose Dauntless was because of the compliance tools within the software.

Age verification screen inside Dauntless Retail POS terminals

Dauntless customers have tools that make checking ID’s fast, simple and accurate. Along with checking ID’s upon first entering a store, customers also present their ID’s at checkout. Before any sale can be tendered, an Age Verification screen pops up. The budtender scans the ID or manually inputs the date of birth. Once verified that the customer is over 21, the sale can proceed and be completed. There are no additional screens to navigate through, or separate apps to install, everything is built into the transaction workflow on the POS. This saves time and ensures compliance with regulations. 

If you would like to learn more about Dauntless products and services, please contact us.

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