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The two founders of Dauntless, Inc. catch-up with the 411-on-420 at the recent MJBizCon in Las Vegas. Discover how Dauntless provides end-to-end software functionality in the cannabis industry. More importantly, Dauntless has pioneered a universal Application Program Interface (API) that connect technology management systems to state-level compliance reporting systems using GIANT.

How GIANT is changing the cannabis industry

  • Ensures, enhances, and simplifies cannabis business compliance for government regulations
  • Saves costs by removing the need for creating and managing multiple API connections
  • Helps government regulators shift away from managing the cannabis IT business
  • Provides the cannabis industry with high-value services, data analysis tools, and transparency
  • Prioritizes cannabis industry transparency with respect for consumer privacy and data ownership rights
  • Ensures data’s security and integrity through immutable ledger infrastructure

Learn more and sign up for GIANT at:

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