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Dauntless has developed a platform for cannabis that is a paradigm shift that moves away from the current compliancy-driven, state managed industry, to a functional ecosystem that can be deployed to the industry and states and countries moving forward.

Changing the Paradigm

There are numerous benefits to changing the paradigm. Some of the most impactful are:

  • Much lower monthly/yearly cost for the State
  • The ability to redeploy State resources
  • Extremely reduced support needs
  • Shifting to a "better model" for cannabis
  • Automatically enables interstate commerce if/when it opens up
    regardless of deployed “State” systems

GIANT, our industry-driven interoperability platform includes:

State-driven cannabis rules management engine

State licensee management interface

State dynamic licensee activity reporting interfaces

Secure compliance tracking and reporting

Mobile app for enforcement officers to access real time data while on site with licensees

Industry communications and data hub for interoperability, data sharing/management, and reporting

A standardized API connection for the entire cannabis eco-system

Standardized SKU based inventory and distribution management

Reliable and secure with scalable cloud solutions

    Why Us?

    Because Dauntless has expertise in…

  • All aspects of the cannabis industry
  • Integration with the three current deployed “State” systems
  • Developing enterprise software
  • Building cannabis business relationships and interoperability
  • Providing cannabis specific solutions for business, traceability and retail
  • Managing large multi-geolocated fluid organizations
  • Communications and building relationships with licensees and technology providers (integrators)
  • Agile project management