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One Connection.

Everything Cannabis.

GIANT is our Global Interoperable Application Network Technology platform, the first true enterprise solution for legal cannabis. It’s a scalable open platform allowing businesses to connect with each other and to regulators through a single universal API.

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There are 87,000 businesses involved in the US legal cannabis industry, broken into nine categories. Every company can connect to GIANT to source and sell products and services with every other GIANT customer.



(Transport & Delivery)

(Quality Assurance)

(Sales to Consumers & Patients)

Legal Jurisdictions
(State or federal managed seed-to-sale systems or agencies)

Software Services
(companies like Dauntless, Intuit, Leafly, etc.)

Hardware Services
(fertilizers, lights, shovels, glassware, paraphernalia, etc.)

Consulting Services
(human resources, legal, marketing, graphic design, etc.)

    Origin to Consumption

    With our full origin suite of integrated products, licensed businesses can use a single interface to access integrated features and support services within our platform. Interfaces, features and functionality will be enabled or disabled based on which type (or multiple types) of business needs you have. The services will be able to communicate, invoice, or market across the cannabis industry, with one another, and with all of the various state jurisdictions automatically.

Join the Global Cannabis Community in the industry’s first end-to-end, fully interoperable ecosystem

GIANT membership unlocks the following benefits for your business:

A listing in, and access to, an extensive network of businesses from all areas of the cannabis industry

Ability to list products and services within the GIANT marketplace

Exclusive, opt-in shared data access to your best business partners—build your intelligence together

Access to leading-edge big data management tools and algorithms

Unparalleled security and enterprise-level architecture to not only help you scale, but ALLOWS you to scale

A Global network for a Global industry

An additional compliance safety net

GDPR data and privacy compliant

All this with not so GIANT pricing

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Annual Membership


GIANT is Changing the Industry

  • Ensures, enhances, and simplifies cannabis business compliance for government regulations
  • Saves costs by removing the need for creating and managing multiple API connections
  • Helps government regulators shift away from managing the cannabis IT business
  • Provides the cannabis industry with high-value services, data analysis tools, and transparency
  • Prioritizes cannabis industry transparency with respect for consumer privacy and data ownership rights
  • Ensures data's security and integrity through immutable ledger infrastructure